I’d like to begin with stating that the service I provide isn’t so much about me – Alexis Holland - as it is about why I do what I do.


Throughout the years, I have seen first hand what food can do to the human body… How it can be medicine, and how it can be extremely detrimental and lead to many health problems.


Today, much of my family, and extended family of ALL ages (between the ages of 8 – 75) are suffering from diabetes, heart disease, digestive dysfunction, cancer, and other various illnesses from which they have been battling now for many years - Sound familiar?


I have watched them all weave in and out of hospitals with different diagnosis, treatments, and prescriptions…


& Not one thing has worked.


With the eyes to see the direct correlation of food and the human body, I took it upon myself to choose a healthy way of eating and living, which has led me to this very moment.


Through extensive training in yoga therapy, life coaching, holistic nutrition, and sound therapy – I have gained immense clarity on how to reach peak human performance through nourishment and exercise, as well as over all expression and joy for life.


My training has been done through the South West Institute of Healing Arts, as well as the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.


With the combination of these life changing educational experiences, I have gained the tools to guide anyone who walks through my door.

My tools of choice happen to be Music, Nutrition, Yoga and Empowerment. All of which has led me on the most beautiful path of life I could’ve asked for… yet never could’ve dreamed of on my own.


Follow my blog to get to know more and more as windows into my life are revealed – poem by poem, recipe by recipe, photo by photo, and song by song.