So... How Does This Work?


I strongly believe that every womans body is different, and we all respond differently to foods, exercise, environments, etc.

I am here to guide you into the best transformation of your life, and the great news is that you get to take the steering wheel. Every session together will revolve around your specific needs at that time.

We will begin with a foundation of Holistic Nutrition and move our way through the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of taking on a healthy lifestyle on top of your already busy life. 


The idea here is to maintain happiness and balance in all areas of life in order to sustain your ideal weight and body type, and mood.


6-Month Program for Women

Embrace Your Health, Embrace Your Harmony

Throughout our program, you will have the opportunity to

  • Create realistic goals & reach them with support
  • learn how to cook quality meals with quality ingredients for you and your family
  • learn how to “crowd out” the junk food with delicious, craving-buster snacks and treats.
  • Create a fun movement plan that works for you! (Yes, dancing is ABSOLUTELY included ;) )
  • Gain the confidence to communicate effectively with those around you.
  • Mend relationships and bring the spark back into your love life.
  • Learn how to balance Work, Health, and Play in such a fun, easy way.


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Public Speaking & Workshops

Looking for someone BOLD, Intelligent, Engaging, & Absolutely Hilarious?

As a speaker and workshop facilitator, I take the audience and my students through fun, informative activities that they will always remember. Not only will they walk away with more than what they arrived with, they will walk away with a better connection with each other.

My workshop and speaking topics are (though not limited to):

  • Embrace Your Health, Embrace Your Harmony - Wellness for Women
  • How to Gain Empowerment
  • Health is Your Wealth - The Foundation of Nutrition



Yoga is more than a movement... it's more than a trend, it's more than who can do the coolest trick; it quickly becomes a path of discovery for those who are seeking to know more about themselves and the world around them. 

Alexis has been certified in over 500 hours of Yoga Therapy training through the South West Institute of Healing Arts. Through this program and the years she has been teaching since, she has developed a unique way to work with her clients that always involves a sense of humor and great music to go along. 

Whether you're a beginner, dealing with healing old injuries, or want to learn more about what comes after the physical attainment of your practice, Alexis provides a container for transformation, self love, and empowerment. 


Dealing with chronic back pain & stiffness? Been in an accident recently? Or perhaps just want to learn the foundations of yoga?

Schedule a one on one private lesson at AER apartments, Station House St Pete, Synergy Studios, in Home or through a video call.

I am so excited to help you in your journey of developing strength, flexibility, and a stress free mind!


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