Beauty Is Perspective

Every day, we look in the mirror... or choose not to.

We embrace our beauty, or we let the negative self talk crowd up our minds.

We choose to love ourselves, or hate ourselves...

We choose to be in love with our actions, or despise all that we are.

We either accept the gift of happiness, or victimize ourselves in a pool of depression.

Here's the kicker... We are all born beautiful. We are all born absolutely perfect. We are all born pure hearted and true to our nature.

Only when perspective kicks in, do we create a difference... a duality.

I invite you to embrace all aspects of yourself in a loving and nurturing way...

I invite you to change your perspective on what you don't love about yourself - and I don't want to hear "I Can't".

I promise you that you can.

We are all born perfect... Only when we begin to understand perspective, and the many views people have on one another, do we begin to hate ourselves.

Today, Love Yourself. Tomorrow, Love Yourself.. *Pause, Admire, Repeat*