Sunrise Challenge

Sun Is – A reflection of the ability to give life, to receive light

Sun Is – Energy, cutting through space and time

Sun Is – a key ingredient as to why we more than survive, we thrive

Sun Is – in the perfect position for life to exist on earth

Sun Is – Unlocking all the questions you’ve ever had and ever will have

Sun Is – that warm embrace that keeps you smiling

Sun Is – the start of a new day

Sun Is - Growth

Sun Is – what so many before us have worshiped

Sun Is – The eyes of God

Sun Is – The rays from which a rainbow emerges

Sun Is – The silver lining that gives us hope

Sunrise – Is the sacred space between the dream world and the waking world

Sunrise – Is rise of color on a world blanketed in hues of dark blues, blacks, and greys

Sunrise – is the lifting of the fog from all that has been resting

Sunrise – Is the Reveal of the Heaven or Hell surrounding

Sunrise – Holds the purest air one could receive

Sunrise – Is another chance for you.


Since mammals and humans and animals alike have roamed this earth, our sleeping cycles have been synched with the sun and the moon. As sun rises, as do we; as sun sets, our bodies rest.



Only recently have we come accustomed to the night.

As owls, our eyes stay wide open as the sun sets. We thrive beneath the stars and moon… we dance, we laugh, we cry, we love, we do, all too much… & we sleep till noon (or we get 4-5 hours of sleep and repeat).


Many of us miss out on the most important time of day – sunrise.

We are either stuck in buildings as it rises above the sky scrapers, or we are asleep.

Our desire to be awake with the first birds song has withered away with the introduction to fluorescent lighting and black out shades…. And still, no matter how much sleep we get, we are left feeling tired, groggy, and quite pale.


Because we spend no time with the sun.


Now instead of precious vitamin D, we are being exposed to Blue Light: though energizing during the day, it becomes detrimental to our health by night. This light – which is emitted from all screens (phones, tablets, computers, laptops, tv, etc) when viewed in the evening, disrupts our circadian rhythms, which in turn, has a serious long term effect on our overall health and may lead to more serious diseases down the line.


(Everything in moderation – just be sure that all of your technology is powered down when your asleep – including your tv.)


Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time in the day? Lately, I’ve been feeling this more and more.. It’s hard to make time for yourself.


I want to propose a challenge that I will be doing alongside everyone who will accept… The Sunrise Challenge.



For the next 21 days, I propose that you wake up with the sun, or about an hour before you go to work. During this time, choose any of the following activities to nurture yourself and create space and time, just for you.


1.     Set the space (outside or inside facing the sunrise). Whether its laying out a yoga mat, lighting a candle, or sitting some place peaceful.

2.     Grab a journal – write about your dreams, your goals for the week, or whatever needs to come out onto the paper.

3.     Drink a tall glass of water

4.      Move Your Body – be it yoga, dancing, or an intense workout – yin or yang. Do YOU.. with the sun ;)

5.     Breathe – just breathe.

6.     Sing – chant – tone – om – to the sun.

7.     Pray for whatever is heavy on your heart, and for a blessed day.

8.     Meditate – however that looks for you.

9.     Take your dog out for a walk/run/bike.

10. Simply just be with the sun as it rises, observing the beauty around you.

11. Experiment with sun gazing… see how it makes you feel.

12. Follow any or all of the above, with a solid breakfast that works for you.

13. Give yourself this time.


Who’s with me? Remember… this is for you.


In a comment below or in a facebook message, let me know if you will take the challenge! I will create a supportive space for all of us to share our experiences and transformation throughout the next 21 days.