Miracles Happen.. Receive Them

Psst... Miracles Happen.. Every Single Day.. Will You Be Ready To Receive Them When Your Angels Come Knocking On Your Door?


Throughout my life, I have to say I have been blessed to be a 'miracle magnet'.. but I wouldn't call it luck.. I wouldn't call it chance. Instead, I like to think of it as a dance. A dance with the right connections, with the right people, in the right places, in the right times, because of my God Gifted intuition to follow the signs as they present themselves.


Its the art of listening that has allowed me to say hello to the people who have the key to the doors that I need to walk through. I greet every single person that I meet with a warmth that often times people only receive from their closest friends or family members.. because you never know who you walk into and how they can change your life.




So I may be that girl who walks up to just about anyone and asks them who they are and what they do in this world... but connections, my friends... are how miracles happen.


Their are Angels all around you, and the key to the door that will lead you to your Dream Life... is within reach. In fact, it's so close, that you are probably just moments away from he or she, right now.


So when you are done reading this... listen. Where, and who and what, is your heart leading you to? Go meet someone new, and see what they can do for you... and what you can do for them.


You may be surprised.


Close your eyes, take a breath, and listen for the miracles. They're there... ready for you to receive them.


Just remember, these doors with miracles behind them don't open themselves <3 Turn the key...