The Harmony in Holistics..

I believe that music is the key... 

Music is at the center of every single culture, of every single trend, of every ethnic background... It drives our decisions that we make every single day - subconsciously. Whether we want to believe it or not, the music that we listen to effects our thoughts, our actions, our desires, our goals, and our outcome. Look at different areas of society... and observe what they are listening to. 

If you listen to peaceful music, you are a peaceful person, if you listen to violent music, you are more likely to become violent in nature, if you listen to music that revolves around love stories, your life is a constant romantic soap opera. If you listen to country music, you're bound to buy yourself a cowboy hat... If you listen to pop music, you're likely to talk like a pop artist, and dress like one too. 

You get what I mean... Music is a powerful influencing tool. It is what sets the trends throughout cities and towns... Not just music, but all media as well. 

When I discovered this, my mind went to the farthest places ones mind could go with utilizing the possibilities of sound and music as an education tool and as a therapy. 

I have now developed a mission with the music I create. Not only do I play music, but I play music that has a special healing effect on the body - emotionally and physically. I write and sing lyrics that inspire people to take care of themselves and their surroundings, and to take action in their community to lay out a better future for generations to come. 

The music I create is here to lift you up, to make you happy, to make you feel safe, to help you release anything you're holding onto, to allow you to go deep within your mind and your heart to question life. The music I create is here to lull you to a sweet sleep... its here to help your wildest dreams come true. Please take it, love it, share it, and allow it to be medicine for you during your darkest times. That is what I am here for, and what I will always be here for. 

A little song bird here to sing to you when you've lost hope... here to give you the courage to express yourself. 




Gravity weighs me down, keeps my feet on this earth, S O I L

Gravity supports Me

Where would I be without this magnetic pull of the Earth 

Where would I be, without the magnetic pull on my Soul 

Where would I be, without the earth beneath my Feet 


From my toes all the way up to the cradle of my Soul

To the space between my heart and my Mind 

Keeping me sane, keeping me Grounded 

G R A V I T Y - pull on my Soul 

What would you do without gravity holding you down, grounding, Grounding

What would we do without the earths magnetic p u l l, 

& what would we do without the pull of the Moon

& what would we do without the suns rays that gives us the gift of all Days, 

What would we D O

Without this synergetic magnetic pull between Planets 

S O L A R L Y  aligned

You don’t have to look far for the answers, look I N S I D E 

What works for you, works for the earth Too

You don’t have to look far for the Answers, 

What works for you works for the earth Too 

Reflections are all that we are - as perfect as the Stars

For all that you know from the Start, 

2 eyes from a planet far away staring at us, don’t think you’re the only One

Don’t think you’re the o n l y one. 

We emanate out to come back to the Center, 

We emanate out to come back to the Center. 


Thank you gravity, for your pull on me, keeping me close to the earth beneath my Feet.