Superfood Bowl!

Superfood Bowl! Start the morning feeling fresh and beautiful. 


This is a great way to begin the morning. Not only is it colorful, but it makes you feel amazing too. The smoothie is a simple combination of berries and almond milk that you can add any extra superfood powder/protien of choice to. 


  1. Throw in a handful of frozen organic mixed berries (the more variety the better) 
  2. Blend it up with half a cup of almond milk ( you want it to be a little bit thicker to spoon ) 
  3. Add in a dash of cinnamon (optional) 
  4. Pour the smoothie in a bowl
  5. Add in Goji Berries, Mulberries, Walnuts, Sliced Bananas, and Pomegranate Seeds! (as much as desired) 

There you have it! A perfect morning in a bowl :)